1. How to purchase?
    Select the voucher or product, input the quantity you require and click ‘Add to Cart’.

  2. How to Check Out?
    If you have a registered account, please login accordingly with your credentials. If not, you may choose to sign up for an account, or proceed to check out as a guest.

  3. How to Make Your Payment?
    Enter your payment details to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, you will be directed to a page with a message that reads “Thank you. Your purchase has been successful.

  4. Can I have vouchers delivered to my friends and family?
    Yes, you can choose the option that reads ‘I am sending as a gift’. Input the recipient’s details and the e-voucher will be sent to the recipient’s email address once the transaction is complete. We do not facilitate posting of hardcopy vouchers.

  5. I have ordered more than one gift voucher and would like to send them to different email addresses. How do I do this?
    Please put through separate transactions if you intend to send parts of your order to different email addresses, as only one recipient’s email address can be captured per order.

  6. Is there a limit to how many vouchers I can purchase?
    We do not have a maximum limit per order.

  7. Purchase confirmation
    An instant notification will be sent to your email address upon the successful completion of purchase.

  8. I tried to order using my debit/credit card and neither work. Why is this?
    Kindly reach out to your bank for clarification.

  9. My card has been declined. Why is this?
    Kindly reach out to your bank for clarification.

  10. I did not receive a confirmation email for my order. Why is that?
    Please contact us at email [email protected], Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

  11. Part of my order is missing?
    Please contact us at email [email protected], Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

  12. Where is the self-pickup location?
    All orders must be picked up from the Concierge Desk Located at the Main Lobby.

  13. I am having trouble viewing the website. Why is that?
    If you are experiencing difficulty viewing the website on your browser, kindly update to the most recent version of Chrome for the best viewing experience.

  14. What are the hygiene standards practiced by the restaurant/hotel?
    • The Hotel adheres to the Shangri-La Food Safety Management System (SFS) and food safety regulations by HACCP to ensure the highest level of standards in food sanitation.
    • The Hotel is audited yearly to ensure compliance to the SFS requirements and HACCP food safety regulations.
    • The Hotel has a dedicated team to ensure food safety requirements are implemented and kept up-to-date.
    • All steps in food operations process are addressed from the supply chain and selection of ingredients, through to the serving of the food to our guests.
    • All food handlers are required to complete SFS trainings with annual tests. It is also compulsory for service colleagues to perform annual medical health screenings.

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